It always comes in handy at parties to know how to do cocktails or shots, while we already reviewed these great Cocktail infographic posters (here & here), here is another cool poster designed by Donald Bullach. This time it’s for shots! Enjoy the 30 shots recipes you can now make for your next party! and drink responsibly


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i recently received this lace dress ($31.49) from, and you guys don’t understand how in love i am with it. it’s just so versatile and can go with anything. but instead of just going on and on about it, i just put some looks together.

  1. the first i just went for something comfy. i went with a big chunky cardigan instead of a thinner one because i don’t really like layering narrow sleeves together. it’s just harder to move around. then, i just added a pair of western ankle boots. i would also wear converse, vans, or flats with this as well.
  2. i actually wore this out today to go shopping and get food with a friend. i threw on a loose sweater, so the dress sort of becomes a skirt. it was pretty girly like that, so to make it more casual, i put on some lace up combat boots and bunched up some reddish thigh high socks to add more color. and scarf because it’s cold. 
  3. if you want to go more edgy, i’d suggest a leather jacket and boots or something like lita platform boots by jeffrey campbell (my dream shoes *o*). you could also do a military jacket with combat boots with spikes and studs and all.
  4. lastly, this is what i would wear to volunteer since there’s a business-casual dress code. a nice blazer to any outfit just makes you a bit more sharp and p0sh, i’d say. or maybe not to any outfit, but y’know what i mean. as for shoes, i went with some platform oxfords. flats, loafers, pumps, and the fancier type shoes will also do.

to a lot of people a lace dress seems totally girly and maybe too formal, but i think it’s a must have item in your closet. there are so many ways to dress it up, dress it down, and make it fit into any style.

and i would recommend getting this one from ahaishopping. the fabric is stretchy, and it’s not too structured. i’m 5’1, so i decided to get a small. it was a little long for my liking, so i simply added a belt to all my outfits and bunch it up a bit. plus, it’s good for those with a limited budget. $30 isn’t too expensive for a dress and with the site offering free shipping, you don’t have to worry about those extra costs. :D


  1. High knees (drive ‘em up)
  2. Squat jumps (get high - drop low)
  3. Squat thrust (mountain climbers)
  4. Knee grabs (work your abs!)
flat abs pilates workout | (x)

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